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User Manual EclipseCommander 1.3.1 Win 32bit Win 64bit Linux 32bit Linux 64bit MacOSX 32bit MacOSX 64bit Eclipse plugin

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What is it?

EclipseCommander, the worlds first File Manager built on Eclipse, has been officially released. Not only can you run it on every standard OS out there, you can also run it directly as Eclipse plugin! The highlight of this file manager are the Virtual Tag Folders! Virtual Tag Folders are a completely new concept to organize your files and folders without even touching your original files! Just open the VTF view with F11, create a folder with F7 (which corresponds to a tag name) and copy files there. You can copy, move, execute, edit, search, ... them but they don't use any harddrive space and are copied in an instant. Looking at an example might make this easier: Say you have a collection of 100 movies and you want the same 100 movies in folders for genre and the same 100 movies in folders by director. In your normal filesystem that would mean copying around all the files, using up 3 times the space on your harddrive and copying 300GB would take a very long time. Not so with Virtual Tag Folders! Just create folders for the genre and folders for directors and copy the files there! You can watch them like the original files, you can remove them (without losing your original file) and you reorganize them instantely, because they are not really copied!


 - a two pane file manager  - runs on Windows, MacOS, Linux and as Eclipse plugin - Virtual Tag Folders to organize projects, collections, movies, mp3s, ... - Copy / Move / Create Files & Folders / Rename / Delete,...  - edit files directly with the built-in text editor - integrated search pane - you need only one license for all platforms - old school shortcuts (press CTRL+Shift+L to have a list of all shortcuts) - it's built to be portable so you can carry it around on a USB stick and use it everywhere - configureable colors/font

EclipseCommander 1.3.0

- improved search dialog - implemented file indexer for fast searching - added scripting support in JavaScript (see User Manual for details) - added transfer speed to copy/move dialog - a few bugfixes
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