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viPlugin adds vi(m) functionality to almost all text based editors in Eclipse.


Add features to Eclipse by scripting in Python, Ruby, Groovy or JavaScript.  


Two-pane file manager  with Virtual Tag Folders: the easiest way to organize your files!

EclipseCommander 1.3.0

  03/08/2013 - improved search dialog - implemented file indexer for fast searching - added scripting support in JavaScript (see User Manual for details) - added transfer speed to copy/move dialog - a few bugfixes

ScriptEclipse 1.3.1

11/06/2012 ScriptEclipse has been updated to version 1.3.1. - Fixed a groovy classpath bug - Updated Groovy to 2.0.4

EclipseCommander received an award!

01/10/2013 I’m very proud that EclipseCommander was reviewed by FindmySoft.com and received an award. Go to the site to see a video and a well written review.

Michael’s Eclipse Toolshed

Welcome to Michael’s Eclipse Toolshed. It’s my mission to provide Eclipse developers with valuable tools to improve their productivity. 

viPlugin 2.12.0

01/27/2014  Let’s celebrate the new year with the first viPlugin release in 2014! - 0000513: Using "." to repeat last line shifting effects the very next line following the selection - 0000897: Indenting lines in command mode does one line too many file on clipboard - 0000930: replacing with '<' or '>' in search text does not match and thus doesn't replace - 0000929: when replacing text with '<' or '>' you get 'b' instead - 0000901: Mapping Tab auf Esc
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