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ScriptEclipse 1.3.1 User Manual

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Adding features to Eclipse was never easier...

What is it?

With ScriptEclipse you can add functionality to Eclipse without writing a single line of plugin.xml (or similar) code :) Each script will become an entry in the ScriptEclipse menu bar automagically and you can access it there or via a shortcut. It will not get easier to write all those nifty little features you always wanted, but didn't want to write a plugin for! I've put together a short video demonstration (screencast) to wet your appetite :) Download it, have a look at the examples and if you love it then buy it!

ScriptEclipse 1.3.1

- Fixed a Groovy classpath bug - Updated Groovy to 2.0.4 Have fun, Michael

ScriptEclipse 1.2.0

- Added @@callOnEditorOpened hook to call scripts when an editor is opened. - Added new utility functions to EclipseUtils - Possible to specify submenus in @@name tag - Updated documentation Have fun, Michael

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ScriptEclipse 1.3.0

- Added SWTRobot (has to be installed to be used by ScriptEclipse) - Added SWTRobot example script - Added Eclipse LTK access - Updated user manual Have fun, Michael